GFAA Members’ Winter Show 2017 entries

Oakleaf Hydrangea acrylics Inspection acrylics Sunnyday-block print

My entries consist of two canvases and a block print, come on out to the opening reception and have a look at the exhibit of the season.


The Last Canvases of 2016

Windburn, 24×36 acrylics on canvas was worked from one of the White Flower Series studies of last summer, the resizing of the flower was explored, along with different pigments, this as well as, the state of the flower itself seemed to convey the impression of a metaphor of events on the year passing, and […]

New work at SIMED

Southern Magnolia with a Bee, 27×38 acrylic on canvas.

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Tropical Storm Raining, Gardenias Blooming …


While rushing around getting the yard battened down for what, according to the weather reports, appeared to be a direct hit from a tropical storm, the first in eleven years, I concluded that nothing could be bad enough to pass up photographing these…

Chickasaw Plum at Firehouse Gallery

Chickasaw Plum is a 24″x72″ triptych, painted in acrylics on (3) 24″x24″ canvases, as individual paintings they are $325.00 each or $875.00 for the entire work, available for purchase along with the complete exhibit. Newberry Fire House Art Gallery 25435 W Newberry Rd Newberry, Florida 32669


GFAA: SIMED exhibit


“Ashe Magnolia: Panache” 36×24 acrylics on canvas, $875.00 and “Ashe Magnolia: Early Days” 30×40 acrylics on canvas, $985.00 are my entries for this exhibit.

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Dogwood Spring

Dogwood Spring, 24″x 72″ acrylic triptych on 3 separate canvases. I referenced this painting from a living tree with this spring’s flowering.




20×24 acrylics on canvas. $475.00

Light & Shadow

9×12 watercolor on,140lb cold press, paper.

an Artspan Gallery


I’ve just added these canvases to my new Artspan gallery site

Rose of Sharon

11×14 acrylic on panel.

Gardenia: Backlit


11×14 acrylic on panel.

Gardenia: Star Car

The gardenias are blooming, as anyone who has seen them knows, they do it in mass appearing to be attempting a radiant disguise of the shrub in some fragrant way. I’d been watching a documentary on the evolution of flowers and wondering about the possible potentialities of their origins. I kind of viewed this […]


This is a 9″x12″ acrylics on panel of this flower. The gardenias were in bloom here earlier this summer and while they tend to release their fragrance during the day, the appearance of evening light in the painting seemed to allow the nuances of the flower to radiate, or that […]