Firehouse Gallery Florida Landscape & Architecture exhibit

Red Field, Blue Pines, 12×16, acrylics on panel and Cottages, 8×10, acrylics on panel are my entries in the Newberry Firehouse Gallery Florida Landscapes & Architecture exhibit.


The Last Canvases of 2016

Windburn, 24×36 acrylics on canvas was worked from one of the White Flower Series studies of last summer, the resizing of the flower was explored, along with different pigments, this as well as, the state of the flower itself seemed to convey the impression of a metaphor of events on the year passing, and […]

Firehouse Gallery Florida Landscape exhibit entry

Rum Island: the Springs, 12×16 acrylics on panel, $125.00.

Newberry Firehouse Art Gallery 25435 W Newberry Rd Newberry, Florida 32669

Happy Holidays

String Theory, 8″x 24″ acrylic triptych on canvases.


Rose of Sharon

11×14 acrylic on panel.

Southern Magnolia: Backlit


11×14 acrylic on panel. I had thought of calling this work ‘ The Pollinators Have Arrived’ but it was just too long of a title. I was first drawn to this particular blossom because of the intense fragrance, kind of vanilla and lemons, emanated from it, there were several bees that kept disappearing […]

Gardenia: Backlit


11×14 acrylic on panel.

Gardenia: Star Car

The gardenias are blooming, as anyone who has seen them knows, they do it in mass appearing to be attempting a radiant disguise of the shrub in some fragrant way. I’d been watching a documentary on the evolution of flowers and wondering about the possible potentialities of their origins. I kind of viewed this […]

Idle Wild

This is the other of that pair of works, it’s also a 24″x 20″ acrylics on canvas. The different objects in the painting, all with different textures, caused this to require the better part of those couple of months. This young bird seemed to agree, as he is taking his […]

Taste Test

This is an 24″x 20″ acrylics on canvas that in one of a pair both painted within a time frame of a couple of months, one in the GFAA 2015 Winter Show, took Award of Merit.

Sunlight & Shade

This is an 11×14 acrylic of a young bobwhite quail that I’ve recently completed this study. While I was trying for soft and kind of fluffy, the acrylics tended to make him look like he’s armor plated, I like that idea.