New Painting: a Work in Progress…

Inspection-18×24-acrylic on canvas

This painting, this is the second stopping point, will have as it’s subject three of the year’s hatching of bobwhite youngsters. These young were in fact hatched by their parents, unfortunately and with a large degree of sadness, the hatchlings had to be rescued due to serious trouble with predation…as it […]

The Tweens’ Soft Release

Dogwood Spring

Dogwood Spring, 24″x 72″ acrylic triptych on 3 separate canvases. I referenced this painting from a living tree with this spring’s flowering.




20×24 acrylics on canvas. $475.00

The Transfers


Tee shirts anyone? I plan to put these into production soon.

Soft Parade: Faces, Brunch, & a Serious Dust Bath


Gardenia: Backlit


11×14 acrylic on panel.

Gardenia: Star Car

The gardenias are blooming, as anyone who has seen them knows, they do it in mass appearing to be attempting a radiant disguise of the shrub in some fragrant way. I’d been watching a documentary on the evolution of flowers and wondering about the possible potentialities of their origins. I kind of viewed this […]


I went through some of my files of a couple of years ago, looking for one thing or another, and did find this file, a pic of my watercolors of favorite birds. This is Priscillia that silver pheasant hen. The watercolor is painted and splashed on 22″X 30″ cotton rag […]

Sunlight & Shade

This is an 11×14 acrylic of a young bobwhite quail that I’ve recently completed this study. While I was trying for soft and kind of fluffy, the acrylics tended to make him look like he’s armor plated, I like that idea.