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I’ve just added these canvases to my new Artspan gallery site

A Holiday Tradition















The moonlight this time of year is always stunning , the last few nights have been no exception, I do a series of photos recording this.


Soft Parade: Faces, Brunch, & a Serious Dust Bath


White Flower Series: Honeysuckle

Honeysuckle is 10″x 10″ acrylic on canvas.

White Flower Series: Dotted Mint

Dotted Mint is 10″x 10″ acrylic on canvas.

Ashe Magnolia: Panache


36×24 acrylic on canvas. This painting along with a selection of 14 works from the White Flower series are on display in the Gallery of Hair Design, Gainesville Fl through September 3, 2015.

Ashe Magnolia: Early Days

30×40 acrylic on canvas.

White Flower Series: Passion Fruit Flower

30×40 acrylics on canvas.

Beauty Berries

11×14 acrylics on panel, part of my white flower series, well the buds are almost white. My White Flower series works are available for purchase from the site, we’ve finally managed the links so any of the posts will link you to their shop page, it was a lot of work so go on […]

Gardenia 6

11×14 acrylic on panel. Wanted to check my links by adding this work at this time, well that and I just kind of like the stage of completion that it’s at.

Rose of Sharon

11×14 acrylic on panel.

Crape Myrtle

11×14 acrylic on panel.

Southern Magnolia: Backlit


11×14 acrylic on panel. I had thought of calling this work ‘ The Pollinators Have Arrived’ but it was just too long of a title. I was first drawn to this particular blossom because of the intense fragrance, kind of vanilla and lemons, emanated from it, there were several bees that kept disappearing […]



11×14 acrylic on panel.

Gardenia: Backlit


11×14 acrylic on panel.

Gardenia: Shiny

11×14 acrylic on panel.

Gardenia: Star Car

The gardenias are blooming, as anyone who has seen them knows, they do it in mass appearing to be attempting a radiant disguise of the shrub in some fragrant way. I’d been watching a documentary on the evolution of flowers and wondering about the possible potentialities of their origins. I kind of viewed this […]


Ashe Magnolia5, 11×14 acrylic on canvas. This is probably the last flower of this type of this season. It was early morning and the flower is just unfurling, they are fast for flowers with the size of these. I’m offering signed prints of this painting, click on the image to check it out.