The Tweens’ Soft Release

GFAA Gallery: Photography & Digital Exhibit entry, Seat with a View

‘Seat with a View’, 18×24 framed, $275.00

The story is that I am licensed to keep bobwhite and do this with the hopes of releasing them, anyway in the instance of this photo we were putting up a new space with runways, I’d brought this seat out to take periodic breaks. These two fellows, […]

a Bobwhite Brunch


I found a recipe for a salad that requires some fresh corn, I’ve purchased a bunch of ears, of the beautiful corn available this time of year, several times, however, every time I head to the house with my purchase the bobbies come running, they’ve learned to recognize that corn bag. Well anyway, check […]

Strawberry Moon Summer Solstice

I’m not exactly sure why there’s a green cast to my strawberry moon pic, but I kind of like it, check out Summer Solstice and Strawberry Moon an interesting article in the Independent.

Tropical Storm Raining, Gardenias Blooming …


While rushing around getting the yard battened down for what, according to the weather reports, appeared to be a direct hit from a tropical storm, the first in eleven years, I concluded that nothing could be bad enough to pass up photographing these…

Moonlight in the Pines: Christmas Night

It was wonderful the way light in this pic went all silvery.

Fun with some antiquated software

A Holiday Tradition















The moonlight this time of year is always stunning , the last few nights have been no exception, I do a series of photos recording this.


Soft Parade: Faces, Brunch, & a Serious Dust Bath


a New Bird

Last fall I brought up some young pheasants with small bantams, this spring the hens set and a new bird has come out of that. Some of her ancestors were like this… her adult plumage is something I can’t wait to see.


The two flew toward the forest calling, in that freedom fighter yell kind of a way that birds of their kind have. They fly all the way to a landing that had a range of about 200 feet. Within minutes one of a pair of nesting hawks wheeled over that […]