GFAA Members’ Winter Show 2017 entries

Oakleaf Hydrangea acrylics Inspection acrylics Sunnyday-block print

My entries consist of two canvases and a block print, come on out to the opening reception and have a look at the exhibit of the season.


Hand Printed Greeting Cards



High Springs Art Co-Op

My High Springs Art Co-Op DisplayOrchid 1&2 BoxesOrchid3 BoxVine BoxPeacock BoxGourd Box11 New Greeting Cards

The building has been on the market for sometime and it looks like…

August 15 will begin the closeout sale, the gallery’s items will discount up to 50%.

August 22 is the last day of retail sales.

My View from the High Springs Co-Op


I’ve put some new work on my Co-Op wall.

Almost thru testing that SHOP webpage.

What with global warming being what it is… that, and these greeting cards are not available anywhere else at this time: greetings from gouaches, well from prints anyway…. check them out.

Firecracker Flower

“shop” opening

Greeting Cards!

Here is a sample of my card collections, which will be offered for purchase within the next week or so.


Firecracker Flower