Light,Space,&Time gallery exhibit awards

Serious Dust Bath, 22×30 pastels on paper.

Preening, 12×9 acrylics on panel.


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New work at SIMED

Southern Magnolia with a Bee, 27×38 acrylic on canvas.

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GFAA: SIMED exhibit


“Ashe Magnolia: Panache” 36×24 acrylics on canvas, $875.00 and “Ashe Magnolia: Early Days” 30×40 acrylics on canvas, $985.00 are my entries for this exhibit.

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The Newest Canvases at Blue Highway, Micanopy

Yesterday, Dogwood Spring2, a three canvas work went into my exhibit at Blue Highway Micanopy so stop in have a look, the pizza is great.

Black & White GFAA Gallery exhibit

Gopher Tortoise and Turtle, 11×14 mixed media block prints, the shell of the tortoise and turtle were printed using a method that I had always wanted to try, since I could not locate my linoleum blocks, I used a potato which allowed for the two shell designs to be the same size and was […]

Dogwood Spring

Dogwood Spring, 24″x 72″ acrylic triptych on 3 separate canvases. I referenced this painting from a living tree with this spring’s flowering.


Blue Highway: Still Life with Tomatoes exhibit thru 7-5-16

Still Life with Tomatoes is a 16×20 acrylic on canvas, $325.00, it is referenced from an earlier study that included okra and turnips instead of peppers and onions.

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Exhibit at Blue Highway


Yesterday Linda Lehman and I, by courtesy of the GFAA, changed out our paintings at Blue Highway Micanopy, I’ll be adding a new painting or two over the next month. Feel free to contact me with any questions about this exhibit.



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