Firehouse Gallery Florida Landscape & Architecture exhibit

Red Field, Blue Pines, 12×16, acrylics on panel and Cottages, 8×10, acrylics on panel are my entries in the Newberry Firehouse Gallery Florida Landscapes & Architecture exhibit.


GFAA Gallery Modern exhibit entries

Synchronic, 24×20 acrylics on canvas is examining works on abstract expressionist by artists Joan Mitchell and Robert Motherwell, in attempting Joan Mitchells methods I totally began to understand the relevance of the scale of her canvases, as for Robert Motherwell, I only needed to do about 600 more attempts to arrive at an understanding […]

Fire House Gallery’s Still Life exhibit entry

The Still Life exhibit openings February 24th, check the gallery out on Facebook at: Newberry Fire House Art Gallery & Studio


GFAA Members’ Winter Show 2017 entries

Oakleaf Hydrangea acrylics Inspection acrylics Sunnyday-block print

My entries consist of two canvases and a block print, come on out to the opening reception and have a look at the exhibit of the season.


GFAA Winter Show

My entries for the Winter Show are:

Orchids, 20×24 acrylics on canvas, $325.00


Idle Wild, 24×20 acrylics on canvas, $725.00


GFAA Love & Compassion Exhibition

My entries are:

String Theory, 8×24 acrylic triptych on canvas, $375.00.


There be Snakes, 10×10 acrylics on canvas $210.00


Members of the former High Springs Art Co-op present our annual Art Walk

Vive la France !

a New Bird

Last fall I brought up some young pheasants with small bantams, this spring the hens set and a new bird has come out of that. Some of her ancestors were like this… her adult plumage is something I can’t wait to see.

GFAA Members’ Winter Judged Show.

The Co-Op Black&White Party



Two Days Left to the hottest party in town and you’re invited! The HS Black White Party and Artwalk.


I’m looking forward to this party!

Dudley Farm Paint this weekend

This is my offering for this event, Dudley farm is a favorite to paint out. Attached is info for the Dudley Farm Paint Out

Exhibit at the Picture This Gallery

Field in Spring, acrylic painting


Tree 2, acrylic painting


The House, acrylic painting


These are my entries in this exhibit, which had been in the works for a number of months. The opening was this evening, the show runs from October 13 through November 15. It had been […]