Firehouse Gallery Florida Landscape & Architecture exhibit

Red Field, Blue Pines, 12×16, acrylics on panel and Cottages, 8×10, acrylics on panel are my entries in the Newberry Firehouse Gallery Florida Landscapes & Architecture exhibit.


GFAA Gallery Modern exhibit entries

Synchronic, 24×20 acrylics on canvas is examining works on abstract expressionist by artists Joan Mitchell and Robert Motherwell, in attempting Joan Mitchells methods I totally began to understand the relevance of the scale of her canvases, as for Robert Motherwell, I only needed to do about 600 more attempts to arrive at an understanding of the brush work…


Tropical Storm, 8×24 acrylics on multiple canvases is at look at Jackson Pollock and Joan Mitchell.
So come out for Gainesville’s Art Walk Friday the 24th and do make GFAA Gallery your first stop.

Fire House Gallery’s Still Life exhibit entry

The Still Life exhibit openings February 24th, check the gallery out on Facebook at: Newberry Fire House Art Gallery & Studio


GFAA Members’ Winter Show 2017 entries

My entries consist of two canvases and a block print, come on out to the opening reception and have a look at the exhibit of the season.


Sunnyday block print

Sunnyday-block print, this is the first printing and probably needs a bit of revising.

Light,Space,&Time gallery exhibit awards

Serious Dust Bath, 22×30 pastels on paper.

Preening, 12×9 acrylics on panel.


The Last Canvases of 2016

Windburn, 24×36 acrylics on canvas was worked from one of the White Flower Series studies of last summer, the resizing of the flower was explored, along with different pigments, this as well as, the state of the flower itself seemed to convey the impression of a metaphor of events on the year passing, and yet at this stage in the cycle of flowering the blossom, itself is fragrant and producing pollen, so there is an unexpected magnificence to what is felt to be a persistence of purpose.


Fog in the Trees, 11×14 acrylics on canvas is a plein air work.

Holiday Merchandising


Since the closing of the High Springs Art Co-op I haven’t had a chance to display my work so I’m trying a couple of places online, have a look and happy holidays…here are the links from my website, one is Cafepress  the other is Fine Art in America

New work at SIMED


Southern Magnolia with a Bee, 27×38 acrylic on canvas.

Newberry Firehouse Gallery Tiny Art exhibit entries

DSCN2626-1   DSCN2593-1


‘There be Snakes’ and ‘Coral Beans’ are both acrylics on canvas, a couple of the 10×10 series,  they are, in this case, part of the Tiny Art Exhibit and available for purchase in the Newberry Firehouse Gallery & Studio check them out of Facebook, then come on and have a look at the collective exhibit of Tiny Art.

New Painting: a Work in Progress…

This painting, this is the second stopping point, will have as it’s subject three of the year’s hatching of bobwhite youngsters. These young were in fact hatched by their parents, unfortunately and with a large degree of sadness, the  hatchlings had to be rescued due to serious trouble with predation…as it turned out, with a bit of effort and after a few floggings by the grief stricken parents, the youngsters were introduced to a brooder (machine) were, together, they and I  managed to weather a couple of tropical storms. With that said, this painting is the subject of one of their first outings (soft releases), her three of them are sizing up a mushroom, with prospects of just how it might taste. The title has to be ‘Inspection.’ There will be updates as the work progresses…

GFAA Gallery Mixed Media & Collage exhibit entries


My GFAA Gallery Mixed Media & Collage exhibit entries, reception October 28th 6 to 8pm

Oak Hammock 2016 entries

Commissioned Cats


Newberry Firehouse Gallery Drip,Drizzle, or Splash exhibit entry



Primaries, acrylics on  18×24 canvas, $325.00. Fun with cake decorating paraphernalia…


GFAA Gallery Abstract exhibit entries

Ocellated Turkey acrylic on canvas and Gods of War also acrylic on canvas.

The Tweens’ Soft Release

GFAA Gallery: Photography & Digital Exhibit entry, Seat with a View

Seat with a View

‘Seat with a View’, 18×24 framed, $275.00

The story is that I am licensed to keep bobwhite and do this with the hopes of releasing them, anyway in the instance of this photo we were putting up a new space with runways, I’d brought this seat out to take periodic breaks. These two fellows, bobwhite, took note of this and decided on taking turns. The photograph will be on exhibit and available for purchase thru August 20th (see flyer).