Exhibit at Blue Highway


Yesterday Linda Lehman and I, by courtesy of the GFAA, changed out our paintings at Blue Highway Micanopy, I’ll be adding a new painting or two over the next month. Feel free to contact me with any questions about this exhibit.



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The Kids Are Alright

20×24 acrylics on canvas this painting was referenced from a black and white photo dated from sometime in the early to mid 1950’s. These are some of my relatives, a favorite aunt and a couple of cousins, the boys were visiting and they have bought the gift of a small cat. Which is to […]

Dust Bath 2


25.5″x19.5″ pastels. matted and framed to 22″x 28″, $1075.00.

GFAA Winter Show

My entries for the Winter Show are:

Orchids, 20×24 acrylics on canvas, $325.00


Idle Wild, 24×20 acrylics on canvas, $725.00


GFAA Love & Compassion Exhibition

My entries are:

String Theory, 8×24 acrylic triptych on canvas, $375.00.


There be Snakes, 10×10 acrylics on canvas $210.00