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What with global warming being what it is… that, and these greeting cards are not available anywhere else at this time: greetings from gouaches, well from prints anyway…. check them out.

Firecracker Flower

Dudley Farm Paint this weekend

This is my offering for this event, Dudley farm is a favorite to paint out. Attached is info for the Dudley Farm Paint Out

Exhibit at the Picture This Gallery

Field in Spring, acrylic painting


Tree 2, acrylic painting


The House, acrylic painting


These are my entries in this exhibit, which had been in the works for a number of months. The opening was this evening, the show runs from October 13 through November 15. It had been […]

“shop” opening

Greeting Cards!

Here is a sample of my card collections, which will be offered for purchase within the next week or so.


Firecracker Flower

One of those Abstract Expressionists

Helen Frankenthaler, who was a major contributor to the history of American painting and exhibited her work for over six decades, is one of those artists that I obsess over, her wikipedia address is:

Search Results for Loye and Barney’s Travels through China

Loye, is one of my plein air group which is to say that is where I met her, was at the exhibit opening last night. There was a conversation which turned to our individual histories and travels, she spoke of a documentation of her and her husband’s travels thru China in the 1980’s and how […]