the Call

I had been rummaging through the remnants of one of my antiquated sites when I found something that I’d been missing. This image is a link to my portfolio and this visual abstract yet audio accurate clip of a bobwhite quail calling…enjoy.

Idle Wild

This is the other of that pair of works, it’s also a 24″x 20″ acrylics on canvas. The different objects in the painting, all with different textures, caused this to require the better part of those couple of months. This young bird seemed to agree, as he is taking his […]

Taste Test

This is an 24″x 20″ acrylics on canvas that in one of a pair both painted within a time frame of a couple of months, one in the GFAA 2015 Winter Show, took Award of Merit.


This is a 9″x12″ acrylics on panel of this flower. The gardenias were in bloom here earlier this summer and while they tend to release their fragrance during the day, the appearance of evening light in the painting seemed to allow the nuances of the flower to radiate, or that […]


I went through some of my files of a couple of years ago, looking for one thing or another, and did find this file, a pic of my watercolors of favorite birds. This is Priscillia that silver pheasant hen. The watercolor is painted and splashed on 22″X 30″ cotton rag […]

Sunlight & Shade

This is an 11×14 acrylic of a young bobwhite quail that I’ve recently completed this study. While I was trying for soft and kind of fluffy, the acrylics tended to make him look like he’s armor plated, I like that idea.


The two flew toward the forest calling, in that freedom fighter yell kind of a way that birds of their kind have. They fly all the way to a landing that had a range of about 200 feet. Within minutes one of a pair of nesting hawks wheeled over that […]